The SOGC West and Central CME_Banff _ AB_ 16 March 2017

Thompson YWCA's 6th-annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser_Thompson, MB_12 September 2015

Northern RHA's God's River Community / Partnership visit_ 22 Sept 2015

Thompson YWCA's fifth-annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser _ Thompson,  MB_20 September 2014

Northern RHA's Oxford House Community / Partnership visit_ 21st July 2014

Health Innovations Conference 2013_Winnipeg, MB_18 November 2013

Thompson YWCA's fourth-annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser_Thompson, MB_21 September 2013

Northern RHA's Gillam Community / Partnership visit_ 13 May 2013

Pan-Arab ALSO Network Activities_11th International Congress of the Jordanian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Conference_Amman, Jordan_26-29 September 2012

SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting_Ottawa, ON_20 - 24 June 2012

ALSO (Advance Life Support in Obstetrics) International Conference_Newcastle, UK_15t & 16th June 2012

BRHA Long-Term Service Awards Ceremony_ Thompson, MB_ 23rd February 2012

MACHS Round Table: Evidence to Action _Winnipeg, MB_6th & 7th December 2011

BRHA's God's Lake Narrows Community / Partnership visit_ 5th Dec 2011

BRHA's Lac Brochet Community / Partnership visit_ 1st Nov 2011

BRHA's Leaf Rapids Community / Partnership visit_ 18th Oct 2011

Baby Friendly Manitoba Conference_Winnipeg, MB_30th Sept 2011

Terry Fox Run_ Thompson, MB_18th Sept 2011

Walk a mile in her shoes_ Thompson, Mb_17th Sept 2011

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Convocation (FACOG)_Washington, D.C._May 2011

Breastfeeding conference, Thompson_2011

BRHA’s Nickel Day Parade_Thompson, MB_ 2011

The BRHA's New Year's baby of 2011

BRHA's Cross Lake Community / Partnership visit_ 2010

BRHA's God's Lake Community / Partnership visit_2010

BRHA’s Nickel Day Parade_Thompson, MB_ 2009

BRHA's Pikwitonie & Thicket Portage visit_ First time on winter roads_2009

BRHA's Lynn Lake Community / Partnership visit_2008

Royal College of Obstetricians Gynecologists Admission Ceremony (MRCOG-UK)_2005

Dorset Police Attestation Ceremony_2005

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